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#grillmaster at it again! #steak on an #open #fire !! This was the best steak ive ever had! #outdoor #adventures !! #fiestaisland #bonfire

#grillmaster !! #corn and #lemonpepperchicken on an open #grill … so good!! #outdoor #adventures

Taking the #jeep out and enjoying the day at #fiestaisland ! Good times, good company, and an awesome #grandcherokee to get us there!

Look at my #sexy #beast ! So very #happy with this #jeep !! Those #rims tho… want to change em out to some #allterrain #tires and get #rooflights and a #rack ! Open to #suggestions as well!


Elusive gigawatts of energy by marateaman

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This is “war.” This is Gaza. This is Palestine. Do you not see how bad things have gotten? And wats all over the news? Lebron going back to Cleveland. How can that be anywhere near the media when this is going on? How can you people turn a blind eye and pretend like this isn’t going on? It’s pretty pathetic. I posted a few videos and a few pictures and instead of everyone sharing and trying to raise awareness I lost over a hundred followers. To hell with you all who unfollow me because I show “bloody” pictures. Like I said in my previous post, I’m sorry for ruining your perfect day for a few seconds when this mans life has been ruined forever, like thousands of others in Gaza now. NOW! DO YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING? RIGHT NOW AS YOU READ THIS PEOPLE ARE DYING?! IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO RAISE AWARENESS? IS IT? WHAT IN GODS NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? HOW CAN YOU BE OKAY WITH NOT KNOWING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON?!? HOW. God please, please I am begging you from the bottom of my heart, please from every inch of my being with everything I have, please please please turn the Palestinians pain and suffering to happiness and ease. Please God I beg you because you’re the only option these people have left. It’s obvious the rest of the world gave up, please Dear God, please Ya Allah, help these people in every way possible. Do not let them feel an ounce of pain more than they already have had to endure. Please God destroy and make do with the evil that’s causing these catastrophic events. Please God do not let Israel do to us what Hitler did to them, not anymore. They’ve done more than enough. Please God I’ve turned to you so please don’t turn away from me and answer my prayers because you’re the only one that’s willing to help. #Ameen #PrayForGaza #PrayForPalestine #WhereIsTheHumanity #WhereIsTheUN #WhereIsTheHumanRights #WhereIsThePeace #EndTheGenocide #ImBegging #God #HesTheOnlyOneWhoWantsToHelp #StopBeingIgnorant #OpenYourEyes #StopTheKillings #EndTheOccupation #Palestine #PalestineWillBeFree #Israel #Terrorists #Terrorism #Murder

Im jewish… but heres where my heart goes outnfor all of humanity. Thiabguys posts this pic ans then goes to God and begs for his help. Im jewish buddy we pray to the same god. Do u think by posting something like this and then saying its the jews fault he will heed u even more? Politics has defiled our humanity. The need for land and greed of it has corrupted us! Domt go pointing fingers when we are all to blame for this disasters! God will not heed u, he set everything up and just watches us play and act like gods! Humanity is lost and people like you saying, “oh its their fault!” Instead of coming together to make amends and work towards actual true peace is the main reason why humanity will not get along! Give the people a voice, and i swear they will scream at the top of their lungs about what they think is truth! HUMANITY IS A MONSTROSITY AND IT WILL MOT CHANGE UNTIL WE UNDERSTAND WE ALL ARE TO BE BLAMED!

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Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC Delivers


Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC Delivers

Battlefield 4 has dropped their latest map packs yesterday called ‘Dragons Teeth.’ ‘Dragons Teeth’ maps are in a new location of the the eastern part of the world, more specifically in North Korea. North Korea has always been a country in mystery, fascinating propaganda and structure. Now you and your friends get to kill each other in it for fun! You will be able to fight in the streets of the…

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